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Anke's initial approach to the evaluation of her client is through several interesting windows.

Mandala Exploration

We have always been enlightened beings, infinitely more expansive than
the collection of neuroses, anxieties, and the thinking/feeling habits
with which we are so familiar. We contract our natural spaciousness by
identifying with our individual psychological and emotional patterns.
This identification creates lives of imitation instead of authenticity.
The specific habits that develop as a result of our misunderstanding
about our natural space and wisdom are observed through the
Mandala Exploration.

All life emerges from the play of five elements: earth, water, fire,
air and space. Genuine happiness actually depends on a skillful
relationship and understanding of both distorted aspects and wisdom
aspects of these elements.

These five elements are related to the different spiritual, emotional,
and material blockages. They are the constituents of our experience and
the support for the grasping ego. We identify them as form, feeling
(sensation), perception (recognition) intellect (formation) and
consciousness. They are also the basis for our suffering. Buddhist
psychology examines them in great detail.

Mandala Exploration maps the client’s journey through the five
elements. It reveals how her/his relationship with each weaves the
personal tapestry of emotional, cognitive, and energetic styles. This
exploration method reveals the specific misunderstandings about the
client’s natural spaciousness. It offers a simple yet profound tool for
insight and liberation.

Anke’s approach to both her individual clients and groups is grounded
in an understanding and a utilization of the Mandala.

The process of a Mandala Exploration, initiates the first step into the
death of all our Identities. It creates the framework for "dying before
you die" that is penetrated more deeply in "The Death Series". Please
see "Death Series".

Heart Dimensions: Exploration and Training

The deepest human connection is through the heart.  A broad, elevated, deep, driving and full heart depends on the expansion of all its dimensions. In our ordinary life experience, the mind has taken the lead and limited the huge reservoir of the human potential.

The focus of the work with Heart Dimensions is to expand the width, height, depth, forward and inner dimensions of the heart.  This allows us to access its natural, radiant architecture of love and wisdom. When the heart begins to open, expand and shine into our life, it initiates the fulfillment of our unique talents and gifts. It creates a Sacred Mandala.

In this approach we recognize the heart as multi-layered. It is a physical structure that circulates the blood, creates hormones, and through its rhythmic beat, informs and regulates every aspect of the body. It is also an energetic-emotional center. Its magnetism and light is a powerhouse for the body and our emotional life. Its spiritual layer operates as the core connection to source and the essential self.

The first step is to explore the dimensions of the physical, emotional and spiritual heart. The second step introduces the methods of energizing the heart. The training offers a profound opportunity for directly experiencing the great heart of compassion, vision, creative expression, confidence, courage, and cooperation.
This is the Awakened Heart.

By using the body as an instrument for the  work, directed by heart-centered attention, we enter into a beautiful holistic alliance.

Bio-Energetic Profile

This is followed by a Bio-Energetic Profile, analyzed from the client's electromagnetic “fingerprint.” The congestion or overstimulation of the body's systems are observed, any deviation from a healthy pattern is determined, and the factors creating the imbalance are identified. This gives an overview of all the areas presently under stress.

The client’s individual consciousness map can be evaluated from his/her “bio-energetic fingerprint.” This specialized portion of the analysis defines the mental , emotional and spiritual components of the case. It is called a RAY PROFILE and reveals the core issues to be addressed in the Sacred Psychology work.

Modern psychology has gathered a great deal of information about human function, the nature of reactions, thought processes, instincts, psychoses, neuroses, and intellectual fixations. This knowledge has been based largely on the study of the abnormal and on the “form aspect” of the client. This form aspect refers to the visible world of appearances. However, in the light of the undoubtedly existent supernormal and invisible, this knowledge can be considered limited.

The specific contribution to the field of psychology with which the Ray Profile is concerned, has to do with the nature of the client's invisible, integrating principle. This principle is found in all coherent forms. Many schools of psychology recognize it and refer to it as the transpersonal self. Nevertheless, although this nature or integrating principle is an undeniable quality, it remains an unknown .

It is precisely this nature, this transpersonal energy, that the Ray Profile illuminates. It enriches the content of modern psychology with a method of arriving at a Spiritual Blueprint of the client which can discuss the transpersonal qualities within that individual's form.

An insightful overview of the client's whole case is dependent on the influence of the Ray Profile. From Anke's viewpoint, an understanding of the spiritual and emotional components of a case is essential for true resolution.

Please contact us if you are interested in this evaluation.