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Light Protocol Sessions
Sessions I - IV & Advanced Protocol
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Each Protocol is offered in a group setting. It includes 10 light sessions and 15 hours of instruction, appropriate to that level of Self- exploration.

The work uses the Spectral Receptivity Instrument as the environment to initiate deep awareness of Who we really are. The class material leads the participants out of the habitual duality of the Ego, into a direct experience of the ESSENTIAL SELF. This is a completely different paradigm of union . As a result, every relationship shifts.

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Light and Color have been experienced in our world as potent influences on multiple levels of life. They have been used for hundreds of years in a variety of applications and with many different intentions.

In the late 19th century, light and color began being prescribed in various ways:

  • Sunlight for tuberculosis,
  • Blue light and full spectrum light for jaundiced newborns,
  • Ultraviolet light in surgical rooms to limit air-borne bacteria.

How you benefit

Light and Color is a potent life changing catalyst. Anke's clients have personally observed how light profoundly influences awareness. An illumination of life aspects for which we once held resistance seems to occur. These are the areas of unreceptivity to life. What light appears to flush out and bring into conscious awareness are the lost, denied, and disowned parts of ourselves. Since light bypasses the mind, understanding the "story" is unnecessary.

We are Light Beings, and according to Jacob Liberman, we are "biological prisms", very much like one great photocell. We absorb information and experience as "light". As we absorb it, two possibilities arise:

1. We are able to be completely receptive to that life experience, that is, digest it fully, and pass it through our own energetic circuit from base to crown chakra, and emit it as a complete color rainbow. This is just like light passing through a glass prism.

2. Or the second possibility presents a very different picture. We are unreceptive to the life experience and trap the portion we resist and emit a limited light spectrum.

This trapped energy, from the undigested life or light experience, now becomes a biological resister. It could not flow through or be expressed, and now deposits in the body/mind and crystallizes. As these crystallizations accumulate with each resistance, the eventual result is disease.

How it works

How does the Spectral Receptivity System work? What happens when we introduce light and color into our system?

The color that is the most similar to the crystallized trapped energy acts as a "tuning fork" to gently serve as the "homeopathic medicine". This "light homeopathy" begins to free up the suppressed energy that holds the disease or unwhole fragments of our life as solid. Light agitates the deep issues of our life.

Our relationship with light and color is one of freeing the mind.
The developing dynamic looks something like this:

1. Light acts as a tuning fork and connects with the biological resister, which the mind
originally deposited, when it was unable to be receptive to a particular experience.

2. On contact, the trapped energetic resonance begins to decrystallize.

3. Energy is released.

4. This freed up energy is now available for a possible reconciliation with the Self.

5. Now, there is no longer a need for a medicating Defense Strategy to keep it suppressed.

6. New insight or perception can arise. Expanded life possibilities are presented.

Pioneers of the technology

In the early 20th century Dinshah Ghadiali founded Spectrochrome, a method of colored light application directly to the body.

Dr. Harry Spitler is considered the father of colored light phototherapy through the eyes, which is the approach used in Anke's Light Protocols. His book “The Syntonic Principle” published in 1941, influenced many professionals in several fields, including optometry, educational theories, and emotional therapies.

Light-based technology is growing rapidly. One of the pioneers in this field is Dr. Jacob Liberman. In his best selling book, “Light: Medicine of the Future”, he speaks about the emerging model of quantum medicine.

Other pioneers are using light and color assisted psychotherapy. Among them is Steven Vasquez, Ph.D., the originator of Confluent Somatic Psychotherapy. Another is Dr. John Downing, founder of the Downing Technique of Ocular Light Stimulation and inventor of the Lumatron Light Instrument. He demonstrated the powerful neurophysiological and neurohormonal effects of color and light stimulation through the eyes. Color and light are also being combined with Cranial Sacral therapy and traditional Chiropractic to expand the effectiveness of both modalities.

Jacob Liberman is the inventor of the Spectral Receptivity System Instrument, used in all the Light Protocols which Anke offers. He was her mentor and inspired her to expand her own homeopathic and bio-energetic practice to include work with the SRS instrument. The homeopathic application of color and light is a potent tool for the expansion of consciousness. Anke's own emphasis on the Spiritual Blueprint (Consciousness Map) of the client, created through the Ray Profile portion of her analysis (see Sacred Psychology), made the addition of the SRS a natural evolution of her practice. Exploration into the transformative power of light and color, allowed her to integrate the bio-energetic research she had been doing on experience and attention .