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William Joiner brings us a unique experience from his own personal desert retreats. He spent solitary months in the Sinai Desert and the deserts of western Utah allowing a natural and ancient process to unfold. This process is a direct encounter with the collapsing of the ordinary mind into the treasure of its own esential essence. To experience a geniune moment of emptiness and stillness becomes a life-altering catalyst. The desert retreat is a profound invitation into this Essential Self.

Coming from a Social Work background, he worked with domestic violence, anger management, sexual abuse and conflict resolution in an institutional setting. Eventually, he realized that the institutional polices, focused on creating good citizens, did not necessarily recognize personal liberation and authentic expression.

Following his solitary time, William began to pursue a type of grassroots social work, which holds the spaciousness of the desert experience. It reveals the space between the words in which the real questions for the client appear and a non-directive conversation begins.

In the Sufi tradition of a spiritual companion, William brings a unique mentorship. He provides a quite presence throughout your inner search. He functions as the listener who inspires space for you to slow down and become gentle with yourself. He encourages you to observe, accept and detach from the inherited family myth and the social expectations and beliefs that are often invisible in our ordinary mind patterns.

The “Male Mentor” Process
This is a much needed program in our culture which is now in the developmental stage. It will be an avenue for nurturing authentic maleness that is both creative and responsible. We will post more about the program as soon as it becomes available.