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Homeopathy Begins

The key to Homeopathy lies in freeing the pattern of the remedy,
that is, freeing its energy from the material substance.

The effectiveness of homeopathy may be further clarified by atomic physics theory.

Mark Gallert writes in his New Light on Therapeutic Energies that the potentization (dilution) of a particular remedy ...... "results in spreading the molecules of the original therapeutic substance farther and farther apart, thus altering its fundamental nature by releasing essential energy (the energy of its essence) and making that energy available to the human body".

With this altering of the molecular structure, matter is transformed into radiant energy. This action on the body is expressed by the principle of resonance.

We can observe how physics defines resonance: as the interaction of two bodies vibrating at about the same frequency. It now becomes clear that the principle of resonance is at work in all healing which operates on the level of Vital Energy.

Homeopathy, Light and Color Therapy, and a Bio-Energetic Profile all make use of this principle. Pythagoras describes this holistic theory of health as attunement.

My Approach to Homeopathy is Known as Multi-Chord Homeopathy

Each distortion, resistance , or blockage a client experiences has a specific signature, an "electromagnetic fingerprint."

In order to allow the curative process to awaken, Anke finds the vibrational focusing agent, one most similar to the presenting pathology, and partners this with multiple supporting frequencies to create a whole chord. Homeopathic potentized color frequencies, sound frequencies, gem stones, flowers, spiritual DNA codes, magneto-geometric commands and classical Materia Medica items are all utilized in the creation of the individual formula.

Homeopathy is a system of therapeutics
that brings your system back to equilibrium and balance.

Disease is a distortion of the Vital Force within the individual. This Vital Force must be stimulated to bring the system back to equilibrium and balance, and homeopathy is the stimulation used to restore this balance.

The homeopathic principle of "similar cures similar" dates back to Hindu medical manuscripts, was recognized by Aristotle, applied by Hippocrates , expanded on by Paracelsus, and embodied into a formal system of treatment by Samuel Hahnemann, a German physician. The effectiveness of the diluted doses used in homeopathy is based on a principle of natural law which maintains that "the quantity of any action necessary to effect any change in nature is the least possible: the decisive amount is always a minimum, an infinitesimal."

A homeopathic remedy works by stimulating the body's own defense mechanism, strengthening it to overcome the disease, not by attacking the disease . According to Herbert Roberts, MD, in The Principles and Art of Cure by Homeopathy, the homeopathic drug is so similar to the natural disease that has invaded the body, that the drug meets with no resistance from the body.

The concept that disease is dynamic in nature and that the remedy for cure must also be dynamic, rather than physiological in reaction, is absolutely central to this theory. Both disease and remedy are acting in the realm of energy, influencing the Vital Force.

If we look at disease as a distortion or blockage in the normal pattern, then the remedy is responsible for allowing the vital energy to flow freely once more and make the correction to the distorted pattern.

Please contact us if your interested in Homeopathy.