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These two programs are facilitated
by Anke Nowicki and her partner
William Joiner.



The Mentorship Program is a walk into the desert,
into the landscape of the Unknown.

Here we start by simply stopping. There are no new strategies here for the one in you who continues to strive, accomplish, improve, and grasp for “something else, something more, or something different.”

Our society often attempts to choke down our fear and suffering. It offers only distractions to limit our meeting these directly. Encounters with such dark nights of the soul are honored in the mentorship style of Light Partners. It begins beyond strategy.

The path of the desert has a rich history in the excavation of the Self. The most significant aspect of desert time is this: nothing significant is happening. This experience itself is a very important event, or non-event, for the human being.

Whether the client chooses a “Walk About” in their internal landscape or combines the journey with an actual Desert Retreat, the space that is created and held in the mentor relationship, is that of emptying out, stillness and the absence of all stimuli - be they our stories or our environment.

The premise of the mentorship stands on a particular ground: that who you are is most important, not what you do. Seeing yourself from this viewpoint moves any ordinary human experience into an extra ordinary life experience. In order to stand solidly in this awareness of “who I am is not what I do,” you have to empty out:

See through your illusions,
Your creations of suffering and limitation;
Step into a life, deliberately lived;
Call up your creative magic,
Your presence, your love;
Discover the reality of what is,
Fall totally in love with life
Beyond “figuring it out”
And “needing to know.”

The Desert Time Experience
This experience invites you into deep self-exploration in an environment where all the basic needs are provided and yet all the external stimuli of our modern life are absent. This is the opportunity to fully face yourself. Here you are undisturbed to move spontaneously into the most vulnerable, uncomfortable, painful untapped splendors of your life. It cultivates a time to become totally absorbed in all that has been avoided and to stay with this experience for as long as needed or desired. No interruptions from ringing phones, beckoning TV programs and internet, work schedule, children‘s or partner's needs.

This desert sanctuary holds nothing to inhibit your surrender. It invites you deeply into yourself. What you bring back into your life is priceless and beyond words. It is an excavation process that digs down to your magnificent core being, the forgotten and disowned blissful self.

The "Desert Time" Experience is offered through private arrangements with William and Anke, whose personal experience with desert time recognizes it as being a most precious gift to our path.

A "Desert Time" Retreat is offered on a donation basis.