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Anke Nowicki is a bio-energetic researcher and homeopath, specializing in the combined use of homeopathic light and color application and sacred psychology traditions as a modality for expanding consciousness.

Through the applications of the Ray Profile, the wisdom of Sacred Psychology and methods of Self Inquiry, Anke USES - rather than rejects - the client’s limiting responses. These now become the actual fuels(energy) which "fire" the higher octaves of the Heart. This combination represents the unique mentoring style that Anke has developed in her practice. All aspects of the client are included with complete acceptance; no portion of the client's life is excluded, but a skillful relationship to that portion is uncovered.

The foundation for the work is rooted in the principles and practices of various schools of Sacred Psychology . These all arise out of the basic concept of the unity of all forms of life and the essential divine attributes of mankind .

We are each a "spark of the Divine", containing "seeds of light " from which the vital life energy flows and maintains our well-being . The cosmic source is therefore not outside us, but is fundamentally an internal state. It is a state of consciousness, accessible to those who are willing to open their hearts. In this scheme "evolution" refers to a growing realization, an awareness of our true nature and Who We Really Are.

This work can take both an individual or group format. It is offered on an “in person” basis or can be pursued through telephone and e-mail consultation.

Anke has been a professional healing arts practitioner and educator
for over 25 years.

After completing her Masters at the University of Texas, she was associated with the Ley Foundation, Life Stress Research in Houston, and the Texas Institute of Reflex Science.

Her training in the field of Radionics with the work of British researchers, Dr. David Tansley and Keith Mason, broadened her own methods of specific color applications to effect removal of emotional blockage at cellular and energetic levels.

During her 25 year practice she developed a series of Light and Color Protocols at the Neurolinguistic Center in Texas and in Nashville. She uses the Spectral Receptivity Instrument, developed by her mentor, Dr. Jacob Liberman. Her most recent project has been the development of a 13 month death series called, “Death: A Conversation, A Preparation, and the Essential Practice.” A student workbook and recorded meditations for this program were completed in 2005. Groups in Texas, Tennessee, and Kentucky have participated in this work.

Her work trains the client to move beyond the habitual responses of lost, denied, and disowned parts of themselves which have developed an elaborate system of defense strategies. Since Light bypasses the mind, the environment created by the Spectral Receptivity Instrument offers an accelerated fertile ground for deep Self Inquiry into "Who We Really Are".

In the early 70s, Anke‘s own passionate inquiry into Sacred Psychology
began with a Sufi teacher and forms the basis of her mentorship skills.
Her root teacher, Adano Ley, cultivated her understanding and
compassion for our human journey and initiated a deep penetration into
the wisdom traditions that are the ground of her work. Her facilitation
style is a direct unveiling of the client's True Face and supports an
internal revolution.

Anke is the author of Ray Profiles, a guide to the evaluation of an individual's consciousness map. Ray profile analysis forms the basis of her work in her private practice. She has written a four part series called Dancing the Unknown, to accompany each Light Protocol:

  • Remembering the Dance
  • Presence Verses Belief: The Social Mind
  • Standing on Our Own Two Feet
  • Relationships and the Mandala: An Authentic Love Story